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Actos belongs to a group of oral diabetes remedies, which help control blood sugar levels. The medication is approved for type 2 diabetes treatment. Additionally, the drug can be used off-label for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. However, keep in mind that the medication will not improve the signs of type 1 diabetes.


Recommendations for Actos Intake


It is important to follow doctor’s prescription and safety instructions. Make sure you take the treatment in the exact dose and for the term determined by your medical specialist. Report any complications from the treatment course to your doctor, since he/she can occasionally change the prescription for best results. Never increase or decrease the adjusted dose to eliminate the risk of side effects.


Actos doses are personally adjusted for every patient, though general recommendations remain the same. Commonly, Actos dose ranges from 15 mg up to 45 mg a day. You can take the treatment with or without food, once a day. In addition, you need to check your blood pressure often during the course in order to avoid possible abnormalities. Patients diagnosed with diabetes can witness severe hypoglycemia during Actos use, so make sure you always have a source of sugar with you. To get the maximal benefit you need to take the drug on a regular basis. Mind that Actos course should be taken in a combination with other measures, such as a healthy diet, weight management, blood sugar testing and related special medical care.


Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions


Contact your medical specialist before the beginning of Actos therapy, in order to get guaranteed effects and avoid adverse reactions. Do not start the medication course if you are allergic to its ingredients. Additionally, people, who are diagnosed with uncontrolled or severe heart failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, active bladder cancer and similar complications, are not approved for the medicine use.


Tell your doctor about other conditions and illnesses you have paying ultimate attention to:


 Fluid retention;

 Heart attack or stroke;

 Bladder cancer;

 Liver impairments;

 Heart-related disorders;

 Congestive heart failure and others.


Actos course can advance the risk of serious heart disorders, so you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations without any changes to get a maximally safe and effective course. Do not take the remedy unless you are 18 years old.


Actos Interactions with Other Drugs and Possible Side Effects


Certain medications can interact with Actos course, triggering serious outcomes and unwanted reactions. Provide your doctor with detailed information about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements and vitamins you use, with special concern to:


 Other oral diabetes drugs;


 Gemfibrozil, etc.


Seek emergency medical assistance the moment you have noticed any disorders or misuse reactions, especially allergic reactions, urination disorders, abnormal pain, breathing complications, etc.


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