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Acticin is a revolutionary anti-parasite drug, which influences the source of the disorder, eliminating the symptoms and balancing the overall health state. The active ingredients of the drug are aimed at treatment of head lice and scabies. The drug is available only in the form of the topical, so it should be used externally. However, apart from the main indications, the drug can be administered off-label in cases, not specified in the safety guide. Contact your doctor to get proper diagnosis and start a safe and ultimately effective Acticin course.


Issues to Warn the Doctor about


First and foremost, to achieve the desirable results, you need to start the therapy with doctor’s consultations and safety instructions. Inform your medical specialist about all the illnesses and health disorders you have, including mild to severe ones, since some of them may interfere with Acticin course. Consequently, special dose is required for patients with certain health disorders.


The medication is not approved for people, allergic to Chrysanthemums and Permethrin. Additionally, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the medicine application, as it can bear a risk of harmful influence on the health of unborn and nursing children. Do not give the treatment to children under 2 months old.


It is important to remember that the treatment course may take some time. However, you need to report prolonged lack of positive results and other complications to your healthcare provider.


Safety Instructions for Maximally Safe and Effective Therapy


Apply Acticin as determined by the medical specialist in order to experience positive changes and eliminate side effects. Your doctor may recommend an exclusive dose or duration of the course, if you have any risk factors or other individual dangers.


It is important to use the treatment without any changes in the prescription, as the advanced or decreased dose can boost the occurrence of allergic reactions and other health problems. Your condition can get worse right at the beginning of the therapy. However, it is likely to improve after several drug applications. Never use Acticin orally, as it can lead to devastating side effects and serious abnormalities. Never apply the topical to open wounds and other injured skin areas. Clean all the things you have used before to avoid reinfection.


Acticin Misuse and Its Consequences


Your doctor should be aware of all the medications, pharmaceutical products and supplements you are using, as some of them may activate unwanted reactions and dangerous side effects. Report mild to severe disorders to your doctor, paying ultimate attention to:


 Mild rash, itching and stinging;

 Headache, dizziness and drowsiness;

 Skin burning or numbness;


 Nausea, vomiting and other stomach issues, etc.


Seek emergency medical assistance if Acticin intake has resulted in allergic reactions or other devastating health impacts.


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